Participation guide


Innovation Week IWA 2021
September 8th-12th, 2021

Held under the Honorable Patronage of the International Federation of Inventors' Associations (IFIA).

The Innovation Week IWA 2021 is organised by OFEED with main international Partners:
- The Oxford Business Group (Research Partner)
- The Patent Magazine (International Media Partner)

Registration method: fill and send the online Participation form. Any updates will be sent to registered participants by email in due time.

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Payment of participation fees can be done through the following link: Payment starts here

Sponsorship of this event can be done through the following link: Sponsorship starts here

The event benefit from many important partners including scientific and entrepreneurial institutions from engineering schools, universities, international organizations.

The Event calendar is planned as follows:

Registration period

  • Registration deadline: June 30th, 2021 extended August 15th, 2021
  • Payment deadline: July 4th, 2021 extended August 15th, 2021
  • Requirements deadline: July 15th, 2021 extended August 15th, 2021

Event period

  • Opening ceremony: September 08th, 2021
  • Speakers sessions: September 08th to 11th, 2021
  • Judging deadline: September 11th, 2021
  • Award / closing ceremony: September 12th, 2021

Follow-up period

  • Awards delivery (online): September 12th to 13th, 2021
  • Awards delivery (post mail): September 14th to 25th, 2021
  • Presentations to investors: September 13th to October 29th, 2021

We highly acknowledge the fact that it is quite difficult for overseas individual/group applicants to join the competition on site in person. Thus, we provide a convenient way to participate that can allow you to join IWA 2021 from distance!

STEP 1: Complete the online participation form (a participation form must be sent for each invention).

(for all applicants)

• The projects selection will be based on the answers in the application form

Important: here after the recommended process to submit online your idea / project / invention / product:

  1. Register to the website using your email and password through the following link: Register
  2. Login with same information used during your registration: Login
  3. Send registration form for each invention: IWA Registration form
  4. Check your submission(s) / go to My account from top menu and Select My Submissions sub menu then Submissions tab: My Submissions
  5. Click on the link(s) to view your submission(s) details
  6. copy the Unique Submission ID

STEP 2: Pay the participation fees (online or by wire transfer).

The total of participation fees should be paid online or by wire transfer.

  1. Access to “IWA 2021” event’s page and click on “add to cart” button through the following link: Innovation Week IWA 2021
  2. Introduce coupon code (if applicable), and proceed to checkout
  3. Fill required information and follow all steps until payment is completed successfully.
  4. You will receive Invoice by email and also can download it anytime at: My Orders


- Education

- Water

- Energy, renewable energy, electric power

- Mechanics / Motors / Machinery / Vehicles / Industrial / Metallurgy

- Computer science / Software / Electronic / Electrical

- Communication Methods

- Building / Architecture / Civil Engineering / Construction / Materials / Wood

- Sanitation / Ventilation / Heating

- Security / Rescue / Alarm

- Commerial, Industrial and office equipment

- Agriculture / Forestry and Garden / Pet and Livestock Supplies

- Traffic / Transportation / Car accessories

- Medical Technology / Medicine / Hygiene / Makeup Materials

- Graphic arts / Advertising

- Games / Sports / Hobby

- Information Technology

- Environmental protection

- Other


  • Artificial Intelligence AI and high experienced and Awarded Inventors.
  • Professors, experts and Intellectual Property professionals.
  • Members of the Jury of the Organizing Committee


A. Evaluation method: the evaluation depends on the presentation of the inventions and the information provided by the inventor in the participation form.

B. Evaluation Criteria: The most important part of the score is determined by the "main idea" of invention. However, creativity, potential for technological advancement, practical feasibility and the marketability of the invention will also be assessed to constitute the overall mark.

Ideas copied on projects that already exist will automatically be disqualified from the competition

• Organizers certificates (Grand prize, Semi Grand prize, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Special Awards) are issued on the basis of the assessment of the overall rating.

Prizes are presented in the form of diplomas according to the prize classification. Medals and trophies can also be delivered depending on the participant's choice to receive them virtually (by email) or in real (by post mail). Different levels of charging are applied in that case.

Other prizes not mentioned in this guide may also be issued.

Poster will be prepared for all participants and will include the following information:
- Organization or company logo (if provided)
- Drawing(s), 3D image(s) or prototype photo(s) (if provided)
- Title of the invention
- Problem to be solved
- Proposed solution by the invention
- Participant name (Company, School or institution)
- Inventors names
- Category of the invention

Image requirements:
Only one image file is allowed and may include more than 1 drawing, 3D image or photo. Provided image should be in landscape format (Ex. 1200 x 600).

Logo requirements:
- Provided logo should have a transparent background colour
- Provided logo should be in landscape format (Ex. 300 x 200).

Video requirements

• Recommended content for the recorded video: 3D animation or working prototype demonstration to explain how the invention works.
• File name should be in English characters or numbers
• Allowed video formats: *.mp4
• Full HD resolution (1920:1080 pixels)
• Recorded video should be horizontal (landscape only is allowed, please don’t use portrait mode video)
• If the video includes a music it must be copyright free
• Spoken language in the video should be in English. Other languages can be spoken in the video, however English subtitles must be included.
• Subtitle position (if used) should be at the bottom of the video
• WeTransfer or any similar hosting services are allowed. Download link for the video should be sent in the registration form. However, if the download link has a deadline (depending on the hosting service used like WeTransfer) it can be sent separately by email to: