Our Role

In the context of empowering the development of invention in Morocco and in order to accompany the country’s plans and strategies aiming to strengthen the economic and social development of Morocco, OFEED aims to achieve the following goals:

  • Strengthen strategic partnerships with universities, government, business,
  • Organize events in Morocco to promote innovation: international exhibitions and competitions of inventions, seminars, meetings and round tables, conferences, training, etc.
  • Organize the participation of Moroccan inventors in international IFIA events

Economic partners are aware of the importance of this major challenge for growth and development. The Kingdom of Morocco has played a very important role in the promotion of industrial and commercial property in the region and today we have developed a very conducive environment for the emergence of new innovative ideas, competitive and attractive to businesses.


1/- Strengthen national and international partnerships

  • Strengthen partnership with the major stakeholders in the field of inventions: Inventors, businesses, states, governments, press
  • Deliver the Prize of “OFEED” To reward key innovation sponsors, personalities and the most ingenious inventions in order to encourage inventors and stimulate creativity.
  • Strengthen alliances and strategic partnerships: universities, businesses, OMPIC, ministries, national and international associations.

2/- Accompany the carriers of new invention patents.

  • To write and submit applications for invention patents
  • To develop prototypes and new products industrialization
  • To sell their invention patents or marketing their invention final products

3/- Capitalize and share experiences

  • Organize and conduct conferences, roundtables, workshops, seminars
  • Participation in national and international fairs
  • Contacting press and media
  • Strengthen national and international partnerships
  • Organize national and international exhibitions and competitions of inventions in Morocco