Certificate request for the Inv title for Inventors

2.000,00 MAD Excl. VAT



Inv title for Inventor, now it’s possible to get certified for it.

The necessary criteria to obtain Inv title and its membership certificate are follows:
– Having a national or international patent
– Having a national or international invention award
– Pay Inv’s membership fee

Please make sure to fulfill all requirements before proceeding to the payment of membership fees.

IFIA Inv members will have the following services:
-IFIA grants the legal title to the inventors.
An opportunity to have free registration and free booth to present him/his invention in an international invention exhibition.
-Contribute to the commercialization of inventions through IFIA Technology Transfer Center.
-Free registration on Asiaip exchange online invention market place for inv members.
-IFIA offer free advisory services on IP protection in WIPO’s IAP project.
-IFIA organize free training workshops on PCT for inv members.
-IFIA creates a network between inv members.
-IFIA awarded Cash Prize to the top three inv members every year.
-IFIA awarded Medal and Certificate to the best three inv members each year.
-IFIA will be inserted inv members’ inventions on the IFIA website and IFIA social media.
-IFIA will publish inv members’ best invention video in IFIA Channel.
-IFIA invite best 10 inventors for participating in celebrating International Inventors’ Day
-IFIA provides access to inv members green inventions to the WIPO GREEN database.
-IFIA provide access inv members green inventions to WIPI Probono Inventor Assistance Program
-IFIA promotes inv members’ inventions in IFIA – ABIPIR International TV Web.

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