International Warsaw Invention Show 2022 (IWIS 2022), October 18th 2022 (Online)

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International Warsaw Invention Show 2022 (IWIS 2022), October 18th 2022 (Online)

  • Event period: 18 October 2022
    Warsaw (Online)
    The results will be announced during the final ceremony on October 18, 2022 at Dom Technika NOT
  • Deadline: 01 October 2022

More information:

IWIS is the largest in Poland and one of the biggest in Europe international event related to innovation and inventiveness. Last editions, the IWIS was attended by the representatives from lots of Asian, African, American and European countries such as: Saudi Arabia, Croatia, Egypt, Iran, Canada, Malaysia, Korea and United Kingdom. Last year polish and international inventors presented more than 400 inventions. These solutions provide an overview of technical developments, some of them are used in practice. Each year, the International Warsaw Invention Show is accompanied by lectures and seminars on intellectual property rights and granting of patents.

The elementary aims of the International Warsaw Invention Show 2022 are

  • demonstrating the scientific achievements of Polish scientists and inventors on the background of global solutions
  • enabling inventors to establish contacts with potential investors
  • familiarizing the public opinion with the achievements of Polish inventors
  • creating a positive image of Polish science
  • promoting innovative thinking among the youth

In the exhibition will present solutions from polish research institutions, technology universities as well as innovative enterprises and individual inventors. To participate in the exhibition are invited representatives of financial institutions interested in investing in innovative products and technologies. Inventors who decide to participate in the exhibition present their achievements in 12 categories ranging from ecology and environmental protection by engineering, construction, electronics and textile and chemical industry to innovative medical solutions.


World Competition of Chemical Inventions was settled by IFIA to further strengthen its objective of emphasizing the significance of chemistry for the advancement of society. To this end, International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA) and the Association of Polish Inventors and Rationalizers annually organize the World Contest of Chemical Inventions alongside International Warsaw Invention Show. This year, IFIA plans to organize the seventh edition of World Competition of Chemical Inventions alongside International Warsaw Invention Show (IWIS) 18 October, 2022.​


  • The exhibition launched special panel, in which the exhibitor shall register its inventions, ordered exhibition space and completes the required information.
  • Mobile exhibition catalog allows you to view all inventions, to know their detailed description and accompanying photographs.

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