Istanbul International Inventions Fair ISIF 2022, Samsun, Turkey (30 August – 04 September, 2022)

10.600,00 MAD Excluding VAT



Istanbul International Inventions Fair ISIF 2022, Samsun, Turkey

  • Event period: 30 August – 04 September, 2022
  • Registrations Deadline: 15.08.2022
  • min Booth space: 4sqm

Standard Booth specifications

  1. Standard booth rental is minimum 4 m2. Maximum of 2 inventions will be shown per each 4 m2
  2. Standard booth rental fee is 250 €+ VAT (%18) for per m2.
  3. Included in the standard 4 m2 booth rental fee are: 1 Table (75x80x80 cm), 2 Chairs, 1 Electrical Socket, Uniform Fascia Board, 1 Trash Can and 1 Spot Light.
  4. 1 kW of electricity consumption is included in the booth fee.

More information:

We are pleased to announce that the 7th International Invention Fair ISIF22 will be held in SAMSUN, another beautiful city of Turkey, between 30 August – 04 September, 2022.
As this positive initiative, which we initiated in 2016 has created a tremendous impression not only in our country but all around the world, the accuracy and necessity of the work that we have been doing are hereby verified obviously. However, as the inheritors of a culture which accepts that the one with an equal gain in two days respectively is considered to be in loss, we feel strongly the responsibility to accomplish better than the previous year every time. For this reason, ISIF’22 shall be a more colorful, enthusiastic, and effective fair where new bricks are added over ISIF’16, ISIF’17, ISIF’18, ISIF’19, ISIF’20 and ISIF’21 and new components are included.
This year, ISIF’22, will be held in conjunction with the world’s largest technology and aviation festival of Turkey, TECHNOFEST. It means; In addition to ISIF’s own power; over 2 million visitors, patronage of the Turkish Republic Presidency, chances of joining many more countries, more strong PR and advertising support, higher level inventions, technology challenges, and maximum participation from the International ecosystem.
ISIF’22 is an international event that is introduced to the worldwide innovators by Turkey which has improved its institutional capacity considerably in the field of industrial property and of which the legal ground has been strengthened in this respect.
Aiming to introduce the inventions which are being created by serous attempts, bringing them together with the investors and making them commercialized, ISIF, at the same time; is a candidate social event to be;
  • an awareness organization which shall be colored by the attendance of people from all ages,
  • an extensive cultural organization which shall gain value with the national and international workshops, and
  • a social organization to be the most powerful industrial property network of Turkey.
We hereby express our gratitude to all our stakeholders who provided contributions to this event which has been perfectly fictionalized and having various components which engage and supplement each other.