Registration to ISIF, Istanbul, Turkey, 27 April – 01 May, 2023

$1,540.00 Excluding VAT


Registration to ISIF, Istanbul, Turkey, 27 April – 01 May, 2023

The offer includes:


-Standard wooden booth rental is minimum 4 sqm,

-Maximum of 2 inventions will be shown per each 4 sqm,

-Included in the standard 4 sqm wooden booth rental fee are: 1 Table (75 x 80 x 80 cm), 2 Chairs, 1 Electrical Socket, 1 Trash Can and Spot Light,




Ministry of Industry and Technology is a pioneer based on entrepreneurship, innovation, scientific development, production of high value-added technology and knowledge-based vision in the development of Turkey which is among the world’s ten most developed countries.

The aim of the TÜRKPATENT is to serve the economic and technological development of our country in line with the National Technology Move by increasing the awareness of industrial property in all segments of the society, contributing to the effective protection and commercialization of industrial property rights, and play an active role in international platforms.

National and International producers and commercial companies, entrepreneurs, individual inventors, private researchers, R & D centres, consultants, patent offices, private or state-sponsored research institutes, science parks, technoparks, technology transfer offices, universities, laboratories, related institutions and organizations related to the intellectual and industrial propert, angel investors, venture capital groups, innovation promoters, patent attorneys and inventor associations are the participants of Istanbul International Invention Fair – ISIF.

• The regional, national and international organisations can take place as participants in Istanbul International Invention Fair – ISIF23 to present their activities, services and programs.
• Great opportunity to get into the national and international market and promote your ideas and inventions,

• Exhibit your inventions, new product and ideas to the general public, licensing companies, distributors, investors,
• Increase awareness of your invention worldwide through visual and written media, • Meet and contact with the business representatives, entrepreneurs, financiers, consumers, producers who will come from many countries,

• Promote your invention and innovation in market with ISIF medals and awards
• Be informed of the importance and benefits of intellectual property rights and commercialization at the workshops,
• Get into long-term partnerships with inventors associations worldwide, by the way of this event which will be held under the patronage of International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA),
• Receive professional support about the commercialisation of your invention from the marketing experts, intellectual property experts, patent agents, technology transfer companies.


ISIF, which we set out to bring together invention, R&D and innovation activities that will add value to the development of our country, with national and internationa-l participants and to commercialize the produced technical knowledge and present i-t to the benefit of the society, has hosted more than 5,000 technologies from 62 different countries in the past seven years.

As this positive initiative, which we initiated in 2016 has created tremendous impression not only in our country but all around the world, the accuracy and necessity of the work what we have been doing is hereby verified obviously. However, we feel strongly the responsibility to accomplish better than the previous year every time. For this reason, ISIF’23 has been planned as a more colorful, more enthusiastic and much more effective fair and information sharing center, focused on investment meetings, where new bricks are placed over the 7 years it has been held, new components are added.

Maintaining the title of the international invention fair with the highest number of visitors in the world, ISIF continues to contribute to our country’s “National Technology Move” together with TEKNOFEST, the world’s largest space, aviation and technology festival. And will continue to contribute to the promotion of inventions, meeting with investors and commercializing them more strong. In addition to the fair event, it will continue to be the information sharing center of the ecosystem with national and international workshops to be held this year as well.

20 countries are targeted to participate in ISIF23. In addition, Inventions to be selected as a result of the evaluations within the scope of ISIF, will have the opportunity to make a collective presentation to the representatives of investment groups coming from home and abroad, increase their commercialization chances and receive mentorship.

The “International Invention Contest”, organized every year within the context of ISIF, will be held this year as well, and the awards will be presented to their owners after the evaluations to be made by the international jury board.

National and international individual inventors, R&D centers, manufacturers and commercial companies, industrialists, entrepreneurs, startups, private researchers, consultants, private or state-sponsored research institutes, science parks, technology development zones, technology transfer offices, universities, laboratories, institutions and organizations related to intellectual and industrial property rights, angel investors, venture capital funds, innovation incentive mechanisms, patent attorneys, invention associations, relevant public institutions and non-governmental organizations constitute ISIF’s participant audience.

In the light of all this information, We would like to inform you that 8th İstanbul International Inventions Fair – ISIF’23 will be held between 30th of April and 06th of May, 2023 at İstanbul, with the Honorary Patronage of “Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Industry and Technology”, hosted by “Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (TURKPATENT)” and with the international patronage of “International Federation of Inventors Association (IFIA)”. Also, we would like to thank World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and Turkish Technology Team for their support.