Aidocx basic

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Aidocxwriter allow you to create an entire book or research document using just keywords (in your own language). You can thus use one or several keywords to create any topic that you want to add in your document.

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Important: use the same email address for placing the order and for testing the app. When you fill the form to generate your AI document, the app AIdocxwriter will check if there is an order having the same email address, and if an order is found, the app will check if it was already used to generate an AI document. It means, a new order should be placed to generate each new document.

Here is a demo video:

Aidocx “basic” features:

  • 1 docx can be generated
  • 10 topics in docx plan
  • Front page text, Table of Content and Bibliography
  • Text rewrite and translate to generate unique content

Example of use

Fill the form as follows (example):

  • Title (will appear in the first page as a document title): Computer hardware
  • Authors (your name and the name(s) of other co-author(s) separated by a coma will be displayed in the first page): Your Name
  • Keywords (keywords in the same line represents the title of a topic):

Introduction to the Microprocessor (1st topic)
Read Only Memory (2nd topic)
Random Access Memory (3rd topic)
Hard Drive (4th topic)
Motherboard (5th topic)

Example of Output:

the generated docx file will include:

  • title page with document title and author(s) name(s)
  • table of contents
  • Introduction to the Microprocessor
  • Read Only Memory
  • Random Access Memory
  • Hard Drive
  • Motherboard
  • … (all other topics)
  • Bibliography

Supported languages:

  1. Afrikaans
  2. Albanian
  3. German
  4. English
  5. Arabic
  6. Armenian
  7. Azerbaijani
  8. Bengali
  9. Belarusian
  10. Burmese
  11. Bosnian
  12. Bulgarian
  13. Chinese
  14. Korean
  15. Croatian
  16. Danish
  17. Spanish
  18. Estonian
  19. Finnish
  20. French
  21. Georgian
  22. Greek
  23. Gujarati
  24. Hebrew
  25. Hindi
  26. Hungarian
  27. Indonesian
  28. Irish
  29. Icelandic
  30. Italian
  31. Japanese
  32. Kazakh
  33. Khmer
  34. Laotian
  35. Latin
  36. Latvian
  37. Lithuanian
  38. Luxembourgish
  39. Macedonian
  40. Malaysian
  41. Maltese
  42. Mongolian
  43. Dutch
  44. Nepali
  45. Norwegian
  46. Uzbek
  47. Punjabi
  48. Persian
  49. Filipino
  50. Polish
  51. Portuguese
  52. Romanian
  53. Russian
  54. Serbian
  55. Slovak
  56. Slovenian
  57. Somali
  58. Sundanese
  59. Swedish
  60. Tajik
  61. Tamil
  62. Czech
  63. Thai
  64. Turkish
  65. Turkmen
  66. Ukrainian
  67. Vietnamese
  68. Zulu